Blossoms of Spring


Spring hath officially sprung folks! Look what God can do! I love these beautiful dalia’s. We’re enjoying an unseasonably warm spring here in Michigan and all the beautiful blossoms that come with it. I’ve just started getting the garden in shape and I will post more once I get to planting. Hope you’re enjoying good weather, wherever you are in the world.


Heart’s Gone to Sea…

143097180368377Photo credit:Wyatt McSpadden/Grove Press


O triple sob — turned forty

at midnight — body at dawn

booze-soddened but hopeful,

knowing that the only thing

to remember is dreams.

Dead clear zero, Sunday afternoon

in an attic of a closed resort

on Lake Michigan with one lone

duck riding the diminishing

swells of yesterday’s storm

against the snowy cliffs of North Manitou:

Whom are we to love?

How many and what for?

My heart’s gone to sea for years.

This is a prayer, plaint, wish,

howl of void beneath breastbone.

Dreams, soul chasers, bring

back my heart alive.

~Jim Harrison