First Snow…


@Lisa Chapman 2018

I can’t remember a first snow this early in November, usually a beautiful light snow happens on Thanksgiving…  But this year, in Michigan, that lovely light snow began falling yesterday. I always enjoy the first snow, it energizes me and lifts up my countenance. It always feels like a fresh start, a renewing and the air never smells so clean as it does after a snow. I bundled up in my new coat and pink knit hat for a walk around the park and it was refreshing. Back home, I tucked into some homemade veggie soup (so easy to make) and felt like a kid again, home after walking from school.


@Lisa Chapman 2018

In winter
all the singing is in
the tops of the trees..

∼∼Mary Oliver


@Lisa Chapman 2018



September Song…

Chet Baker&Halema

Chet Baker & Halema by William Claxton

September’s ended but maybe one last song, a favorite of mine, “September Song” – performed with such beautiful melancholy by Chet Baker. Hope you enjoy listening on a cozy Fall day…


August Favorites

August Faves Blog

A little late I know, but here are a few of my August faves, things that I’ve been digging this past month….


The first two are free streaming services and at first I thought they wouldn’t have anything good on there but truly I was pleasantly surprised. Pluto has both a (sort of) live section, which is just programming they have chosen and there are a lot to choose from, classic films, TV shows and films – then there is a film section. Tubi had a lot of good films, Indies ones too like “Two Lovers,” which is actually one of my favorites. Both are completely free and you can download the apps for Tablets, Computers and Smart TV’s. Sling, is a Live streaming service and I have been trying it out to see if it’s worth it. You choose a package with 30 cable channels you most want (you can add more ala carte/$5) and the least expensive is $25 a month. I signed up because I love tennis and I was able to get a package that included all ESPN channels. It is a good price, has a good On Demand section for each channel, but does have some ads, and on occasion bumps you out and you have to get back to what you were watching. Still it’s worth it if you don’t want cable but have a few shows you wish you could see live.

ROCK DOCS… I know it’s not new but one of the shows I’ve watched a couple of times is the Led Zeppelin doc, “The Song Remains the Same”.  Having grown up in the era, it was filmed in ’70’s, it’s fun to revisit the vibe, the clothes and the music that was new then and to watch the crowds reaction. Led Zep really put a lot into the shows, Jimmy’s astounding talent, JPJ’s versatility, Robert’s voice…and those hip huggers need a mention right?! …and of course Bonham’s drum solo is over the top great. It’s in the On Demand section of Sling TV right now on Axis.

BOOKS: Groupies, The GTO’s and those Rock Icons… In keeping with the Rock & Roll theme, I read Pamela Des Barres’ book, “I’m with the Band”.  I’m sure you know who she is, the famous, or is it infamous groupie girl. She was the blond haired, California girl who loved music and the men who wrote and played the songs more. Honestly, the book was just a fun romp as you might expect. She let’s you in on the scene in L.A. and also Swinging London at the time and what Mick, Robert & Jimmy, Gram Parsons, Keith Moon and more we’re really like and the feelings, passions and expectations of the kids who came of age in that era.

H&M… One of my favorite shoppes, I stopped in recently and found some great buys. They had, (as always) a great selection of staple sweaters, those ones that go with everything and are so well made they last for years. I picked up a rose colored V neck lightweight sweater for $13 — Fall is here and the temps are sure to drop off soon. I was able to replace a black scarf I lost a few months back, a beautifully made one, on sale for $3! Seriously. Lastly, I picked up these pretty gold hoops, (in pic) they are super light weight and look really great.

And lastly…

BITE…Also that day, I stopped in to Sephora and found this nice lipstick by Bite, in the shade, Chai. It’s a cross between raisin and pink I guess..I think it would be a good shade for most. I’m not big on lipstick but it’s now my new favorite. Well that’s it for August!

Art Fair Days

Juggler Final

Spent the afternoon at a local art fair. It was such an enjoyable day hanging out with interesting characters like this guy. Incredibly, he seemed to have no problem juggling, even at such heights. And then…

Hula Girls Final

Hula Girls

This little girl was transfixed by this lovely lady, who had a talent for all things Hula. When I was this little one’s age, I loved my hula hoop and not just because it was my favorite color, pink. I got pretty good at it myself and I loved seeing the way she was studying the older girls moves.  Then it was on to…

Corn Dog Palace Final

Corn Dog Palace…

I dubbed it thus as a play on the Corn Palace out west. This food truck was everything you could want in a summertime fair experience. Hot dogs, burgers and cool pop…what else do you want? Actually, they had so many food truck options, wraps, ice cream, lemonade and even authentic Polish food this time out. It was a beautiful, albeit quite hot, summertime day and everyone seemed to have great fun!

July Favorites


I’ve been thinking about posting some monthly favorites of things that I’m currently digging and have finally gotten around to it… This month my local library hosted it’s library used book sale and I found some cool things as usual, so I’ll start with that:

Kinfolk Entrepreneur – A beautiful, inspiring book of creative entrepreneurs telling their stories and giving tips and inspiration. It was put out by Kinfolk, a culture and style magazine based in Portland.

Chihuly Projects – A wonderful find. Dale Chihuly is an incredibly creative glassworks artist and this book has big beautiful photographs of his works.

Images – Ingmar Bergman’s memoir of his life in film and the influence his private life had on the process of writing, directing and bringing forth his works of art on film.

Music: My favorite Spotify playlist while I’m writing is currently, Dinner in a Mid Century Modern – curated by Andrew T. Lane, who actually has a lot of amazing playlists.

Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid is really nice – I normally don’t use a highlighter but got this sample from Sephora and really like it. It gives a little brightness under eyes and in the cupid’s bow.

Essenza Oil for diffusers in Vanilla Bean is such a nice soothing scent to keep going in your home. It’s my current favorite, although I sometimes add some orange to it. I feel much better using a diffuser with essential oils in my home instead of commercial room sprays that have harsh chemicals. If you’re sensitive like I am to perfumes, this is a great alternative, which brings me to the next one…

Valentina’s Sweet Dreams Body Mist – This is a great blend of essential oils (Jasmine, Sandalwood, & Vanilla). It can be used as a body mist or room spray and it smells lovely. Home brewed in Portland, Oregon – you can pick it up at Whole Foods.

Well, that’s it for July…

Goodbye Tony

Bourdain 01

I never met Anthony Bourdain, but from No Reservations & Parts Unknown and his books, I felt as if I did actually know him and I know I’m not alone in this feeling. He had that swagger and cool way about him that drew so many fans. He was a gifted writer, a unique and genuinely interesting person, always seeking out new adventures, people, music, and cultures. What drove him to keep moving and filming so many shows would be conjecture on my part, but it almost seemed as if he was afraid of slowing down to the kind of quiet introspective life that many people who have the means to do so crave. I never kidded myself into thinking that he was a happy-go-lucky sort – he was a former addict, school of hard knocks kind of guy and carried a world weary vibe that was easy to see but I was still completely stunned when I woke to the news he had taken his own life. I spent the day feeling heavy and sad, which surprised me having not know him – I felt like I’d lost a friend. He was so alive in every sense it seemed to me. I thought I remembered him talking about a dark time in his life after his first marriage fell apart in his book, “Medium Raw,” and when I looked again there it was…a mention of his fighting the urge to end it all, drunk and driving on a curvy island road. Maybe he’d been pushing back the urge for a long time. Maybe the ones who accomplish so much more than most will in an entire lifetime, simply get world weary and burn out of this life. Safe travels Tony…

My Criterion Closet Picks…


Oh to be one of the people Criterion invites to raid their closet of great films… I’ve been watching their video posts uploaded to Criterion Closet where they let filmmakers, directors, and actors into their closet to pick and take home any films in the collection they want. I really enjoyed watching Ethan Hawke, Chris Eigeman and others pull the films off the shelf and relive what makes each one a particular favorite. As I watch them, I imagine it’s me in the Criterion closet, choosing films and explaining why they left their creative mark on me, what fun! I have added a new Criterion Page above if you want to see some of my favorites and below are a few links to former posts celebrating some of them…I will be adding a post on Wes Anderson soon to highlight my favorite of his films but for now…