Goodbye Tony

Bourdain 01

I never met Anthony Bourdain, but from No Reservations & Parts Unknown and his books, I felt as if I did actually know him and I know I’m not alone in this feeling. He had that swagger and cool way about him that drew so many fans. He was a gifted writer, a unique and genuinely interesting person, always seeking out new adventures, people, music, and cultures. What drove him to keep moving and filming so many shows would be conjecture on my part, but it almost seemed as if he was afraid of slowing down to the kind of quiet introspective life that many people who have the means to do so crave. I never kidded myself into thinking that he was a happy-go-lucky sort – he was a former addict, school of hard knocks kind of guy and carried a world weary vibe that was easy to see but I was still completely stunned when I woke to the news he had taken his own life. I spent the day feeling heavy and sad, which surprised me having not know him – I felt like I’d lost a friend. He was so alive in every sense it seemed to me. I thought I remembered him talking about a dark time in his life after his first marriage fell apart in his book, “Medium Raw,” and when I looked again there it was…a mention of his fighting the urge to end it all, drunk and driving on a curvy island road. Maybe he’d been pushing back the urge for a long time. Maybe the ones who accomplish so much more than most will in an entire lifetime, simply get world weary and burn out of this life. Safe travels Tony…


My Criterion Closet Picks…


Oh to be one of the people Criterion invites to raid their closet of great films… I’ve been watching their video posts uploaded to Criterion Closet where they let filmmakers, directors, and actors into their closet to pick and take home any films in the collection they want. I really enjoyed watching Ethan Hawke, Chris Eigeman and others pull the films off the shelf and relive what makes each one a particular favorite. As I watch them, I imagine it’s me in the Criterion closet, choosing films and explaining why they left their creative mark on me, what fun! I have added a new Criterion Page above if you want to see some of my favorites and below are a few links to former posts celebrating some of them…I will be adding a post on Wes Anderson soon to highlight my favorite of his films but for now…


Blossoms of Spring


Spring hath officially sprung folks! Look what God can do! I love these beautiful dalia’s. We’re enjoying an unseasonably warm spring here in Michigan and all the beautiful blossoms that come with it. I’ve just started getting the garden in shape and I will post more once I get to planting. Hope you’re enjoying good weather, wherever you are in the world.

Poetic Lessons


As I hear it, May is National Short Story Month…and in honor of that, I have published a short story I wrote several years ago but never got around to publishing. It’s a snarky little cautionary tale of love, relationships and crossing a line or two. It’s meant to be just a fun little romp…it’s linked below and I hope that you’ll check it out. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Michigan and I am going to go do some reading myself. Enjoy your weekend!


Photograph: Giammarco Boscaro

Sorrow’s Eclipse

Cover Art Black Coat

A long held dream of mine was realized late last night when I published my first E-book on Amazon. I have written three novel length books but this is the first one that’s seen the light of day. To say I’m over the moon is an understatement. Sorrow’s Eclipse is the story of a young woman who is forced to pick up the pieces of her broken world and make a new life for herself – a better life. I’ll link it below if you’d like to check it out. I hope you do!


Sorrow's Eclipse
Photograph: Ashton Bingham