Fall into the rabbit hole…

When my dear friend who has a terrific Pinterest account of her own {Wit Continuum} asked me if I’d be up for one myself, I quickly did the math of my real estate in Blogtopia, which consists of WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr….and thought no uh-uh. I figured the time suck that is the internet had already had me firmly in it’s grips with many hours gone missing. So I said no and continued to read and enjoy her account and well yeah…you guessed it, I caved as she so happily put it. I worked on designing it Saturday and I have to report that it is truly the rabbit hole of Blogtopia that you can truly get lost in – it’s pretty addictive or perhaps that’s just my personality….hhhmmm. Anyway, if you are so inclined, come join me, let yourself fall into the rabbit hole with me….there’ll be tea.

{Click on Alice…she’ll take you there.}