One in the Music

Joe Steven Songwriters HOF

When Joe Perry & Steven Tyler were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame on June 13th, 2013, all I could think of was…it’s about time. I’ve loved Aerosmith since I was a teenager and first heard Dream On, Sweet Emotion, Back in the Saddle, No More No More, Same Old Song & Dance, and of course, Walk this Way. Although it took Aerosmith a lot of traveling around the country to help that first album take hold, really they were writing great songs right out of the gate. They are easily my favorite songwriters and I’m very happy to see them finally honored.

Steven JoE

They met in New Hampshire in 1969 and although it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for their partnership, their connection has proven unbreakable.

Joe Steven Old Pic

The wrote their first song together (Movin’ Out) in the apartment at 1325 Commonwealth Ave (Boston) that they shared with their Aerosmith bandmates – and have written together all over the country since then.


The love/hate dynamic that brothers share obtains here but even if right up to the moment they go onstage they’re ready to kill each other, once out there in front of thousands performing…they’re one in the music.


Joe & Steven – when they were working on “Nine Lives” in Miami.


Working on “Music from Another Dimension” at Aerosmith’s studio, “Pandora’s Box”. (via: AeroforceOne)


June 13, 2013 @ Songwriters Hall of Fame. Glad to see J.D. Souther, (left of Joe) who has long collaborated with the Eagles as well as his solo work, finally acknowledged as well that night.


There you have it…finally! (via: Joe Perry/Twitter)


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