Before Midnight


When Richard Linklater and Kim Krizan wrote “Before Sunrise,” I wonder if they imagined the depth with which their characters, Jesse & Celine would resonate and stay with their audience. Before Sunrise isn’t a flashy film by any stretch of the imagination, nor is it a corny romance either. What it is, is a languorous walk between two strangers who meet on a train, recognize an immediate connection and spend the next hours – through to the morning experiencing a microcosm of love & courtship. The film had the feel of truly listening in on two people in those first moments of getting to know each other. It resonated with audiences and everyone who loved the film wanted more…did they meet up as planned?


Before Sunset begins with Celine attending Jesse’s book reading at Shakespeare & Co. in Paris. The book Jesse has written, seemingly a work of fiction, is in truth and only known to Celine, the true recounting of their hours together. Although only in the city for hours, once again they find themselves increasingly anxious at the prospect of once again parting.


Having sought input from Hawke & Delpy on conversations written into Before Sunrise, Linklater brought them both in to collaborate on the second film, Before Sunset.

Now it seems it has turned into a wonderful trilogy, with the upcoming release of “Before Midnight,” where it seems by the trailer that Jesse & Celine’s story is still going strong.



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