Into the Mystic


As the curtain comes down on 2012, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read Just Under the Surface, especially my friends from Twitter & WordPress, who have retweeted, reblogged or otherwise passed along to others the posts. I hope you have enjoyed reading the posts as much as I have in writing them.

As we take the first steps into 2013, I wish you all a blessed year of love, health, prosperity and dreams realized. May you be inspired to dream bigger, reach higher, to let yourself off the hook for the times in your past where you fell short of the mark and to allow yourself the freedom to be your true authentic self. Enjoy your days!



One thought on “Into the Mystic

  1. We are all capable of reaching the mystic only if we let go to fear. This is what all old tales and sagas tells us.To reach the debts we have to dive not only right under the surface ~right?
    Even the abyss has a floor waiting for us to be explored 😉
    Have you listened to Deepak Chopra giving his mystic speech “I am the Wizard you are the Wizard”?
    Thanks for inspiration

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