Before I knew you.


Before I knew you, truly knew you
I knew you love
The unsubtle longing of my heart
Decidedly unquiet, the passionate leaning into the
Landscape of your soul

I could hear your heart beating
Against mine
Oh great impossibility made possible
Transcending all rational thought
Meant to govern such things

For the heart concerns itself little for the confines
Of propriety and reasoning
It knows not, nor cares of “cannot be’s” remaining
Fixed in its path to fulfillment

And much like my heart
I care not to unravel the mysteries
Of our love, and of why it is that
Amongst all men, it is only within your presence,
That I am undone, and

Although so few words have passed between us
Little matter, for within
The tenor of your voice
I live and die
A thousand times
And where you go, I shall follow
And when we are apart, your song within my depths
Sustains and keeps me
Until I return to you and
Find once again, my breath

~Lisa Chapman 2010


8 thoughts on “Before I knew you.

  1. Thank you Aida, I truly appreciate your thoughts and am glad that it resonates with you so. I’ve never read any by Cohen, I’ll have a look.

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