Lost @ the Chateau Marmont

Stephen Dorff & Elle Fanning in “Somewhere” {Focus Features}

Last week I finally got to Royal Oak to see Sofia Coppola’s “Somewhere”. I’ve been wanting to see it since I first heard she was working on the film. I think she’s very talented and “Lost in Translation” is one of my absolute favorite films. I like films that are more character driven and I don’t necessarily need a lot of action in them, they just need to move me, visually and emotionally. I’ll say first off, that I did like the film but it left me wanting, especially with regard to the ending. I felt she could have made the film much better, deeper, the subject matter was rich with possibilities but I think she played it safe in too many scenes.

The film reminded me in style and pacing of the films of the French filmmaker, Eric Rohmer, which of course is a high compliment. If a slow pace in films is not your style, then you’ll be driven mad in some scenes, such as his driving his Ferrari in circles and the twin pole dancers, which made me laugh. I understand that she was trying to drive the point home that his life was lifeless and dull, but I truly could have gotten the point in much less time.

Elle Fanning’s performance was subtle and sweet, as was called for but just when Sofia had you invested in their father-daughter relationship, she backed off from the emotion and it all fell flat. All in all though, I still enjoyed the film and Stephen Dorff did a great job of convincing you that the life of the rich and famous isn’t always what everyone imagines it to be.


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