Scenes from a Café

ScenesCafe01Café Tosca, San Francisco ©Flickr/lcrf

Café Tosca, San Francisco ©Flickr/lcrf

ScenesCafe003Café, Brighton ©Karmin Photography

scenescafe04Museum Café, Vienna ©Flickr/Clod79

scenescafe05Café, Jerusalem ©Werner Kunz

scenescafe006Cafe direkt an der Rialto-Brücke, Venice ©Flickr/AnKain_

Café Maravillas Spain ©Flickr/Monkeypainter

scenescafe07Café de Flore/Paris, France ©Flickr/DarkB4Dawn

scenescafe08Café El Gato Negro Buenos Aires, Argentina ©Paula Moya

scenescafe09Café/Hamtramck, Michigan ©MarkinDetroit

scenescafe10Café, New York City ©Flickr/phl

scenescafe11Cafe Figaro/Los Feliz, California


2 thoughts on “Scenes from a Café

  1. Wow! These scenes are fabulous finds…love the way you put them together…and each one tells a story it seems…especially the one featuring the old man in Jerusalem. His face alone is precious. I would love to sit and one of these and while away the time, writing, reading, drinking coffee, tea, whatever, and people watch. I think the one in New York is the fave, but the one in Michigan seems so cozy…

    Oh, and the Museum Cafe,Vienna floor design…beautiful…

  2. I agree with you, the old man’s face was so expressive, I loved the pic immediately. I also loved Spain, the Vienna one you liked and the Cafe Tosca. Makes me want to travel! Thanks for stopping by and checking them out.


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