Nice Guy Johnny

I have loved Ed Burn’s films from the start with “The Brothers McMullen” and I’m a big believer in following your dreams and not selling out, which is at the heart of his newest film, “Nice Guy Johnny”. The main character is facing a question of whether to keep pursuing his dreams despite all the voices of opposition or selling out and giving in. Most times, I think the loyal opposition seem to be driven by the old “misery loves company” theory, or wouldn’t it be a drag if Johnny actually makes it and lives the life I wanted.

I’m glad that Edward decided to keep making personal films, good character studies with wit and intellegence that say something. At the same time, I know he has become an inspiration for young filmmakers with the same dream. He reminds me of John Cassavetes, another filmmaker I have long admired. The film’s release date is set for October 26th, 2010 and features music from singer/songwriter, P.T. Walkley.

Link: Official Site

Link: P.T. Walkley


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