Sweet Lady Jane

Photograph: Jane Birkin

She never set out to be a ’60’s icon, she was just being herself with her own unique style – nevertheless, her status as a style icon from that era remains solidly intact. She was once one-half of an epic love affair with her husband, Serge Gainsbourg, the French singer/songwriter/filmmaker but she has clearly been her own girl her entire life. Long after her creative collaborations with Serge in music and film, she has continued to collaborate with many other artists acting, singing and also finding time for causes close to her heart, including Amnesty International. I have always liked her free-spirited attitude toward love, life and of course, her terrific style.


Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin Official

Interview of Serge & Jane by Serge Duclos about the film Slogan August 9, 1969 {in French}


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