Bonjour Tristesse

Photograph: Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg as Cecile in the film adaptation of Francoise Sagan’s, “Bonjour Tristesse” {Hello Sadness}.

Francoise Sagan, {real name: Francoise Quoirez} wrote the book when she was just eighteen and it was published in 1954, which quickly brought attention to her worldwide. She was an extraordinary girl, who went on to write more novels, plays and screenplays. She was a spoiled child of the bourgeoise she wrote about and developed into a woman who lived a life as interesting as any character she could have written. She was a woman who lived life fully and unapologetically with abandon. She died at 69 years old in 2004.

“I have loved to the point of madness, that which is called madness, that which to me is the only sensible way to love.” ~Francoise Sagan


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