Iconic Eye

Photograph of Tuesday Weld, by Dennis Hopper ©1965

In addition to his status as an actor, ’60’s iconic figure, and artist, Dennis Hopper was also a photographer. The Museum of Contemporary Art {MOCA}, in Los Angeles, will be holding an exhibition of Hopper’s photographs from July 11th, through September 26th, 2010. The title of the exhibition “Double Standard” was taken from his 1961 photograph of two Standard Oil signs, as seen through a windshield and it is being curated by his friend, Julian Schnabel. It will feature 200 of Hopper’s works in assorted media; painting, photography, and sculpture. Dennis Hopper passed away recently on May 29th, 2010 at age 74.

Photograph of Jane Fonda, by Dennis Hopper ©1965

Photograph of Bruce Conner, Toni Basil, Teri Garr & Ann Marshall, by Dennis Hopper ©1964

Photograph “Double Standard” ~ Dennis Hopper ©1964

Link: MOCA


2 thoughts on “Iconic Eye

  1. Hopper was a fantastic photographer. Saw that pic of Jane in Vogue. I especially love the photo of the bathroom scene and this last one, Double Standard. The image in the rear view mirror…so cool to capture all that…ahhhh, the nostalgia of the 60s…Unfortunately, until he died, I didn’t know he was such a great photographer. Thanks for posting these. They are fascinating.

  2. I agree…I thought the bathroom scene was a cool one. I guess I should have posted the “Double Standard” one first, but I’ve always been a fan of Tuesday Weld. =)

    Glad you liked them!


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