Poetry in Motion

“Carly”  by ©Lauri Blank

It was easily love at first sight for me with the works of artist, Lauri Blank. Her career didn’t take the usual trajectory but instead took many turns before she gave in to her most passionate artistic leaning, painting. She began first as a model and then after a move to Bogotá, Columbia, into fashion design, with her own line. After returning to the U.S. she decided to no longer fight her first artistic inclination for painting.

“I felt the need to create something new, each day, whether it was a painting, interior design, or classical music. You couldn’t do that in fashion – once successful, the business becomes more about production and less about creativity.” ~Lauri Blank

“Awakening” ©Lauri Blank

She refers to the ethereal beauty of her paintings of mostly female figures, as “Romantic Figuratism” and they are quite amazing. The paintings are full of feeling and seem to have realistic movement and life, although she does not use live models. I absolutely love each of the paintings I have seen and find her truly original.

Blank Studio Gallery


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