Behind the Lens

The work of American photographer, Sante D’Orazio is always provocative and beautiful. I have Sante’s book, “Private View”, which are photographs with diary entries of what was going on in his life at the time they were taken. I take this book off the shelf often, I always enjoy looking at it.

Sante has taken a lot of amazing photographs of Kate Moss, but this has always been a favorite. He must really put his subjects at ease, because they all have a playful, mischievous edge to them. I love this photograph (below) of Kate Winslet, who I think is always beautiful, but he really managed to capture the essence of her inner beauty as well in this one.

Besides being very talented, he’s also very sexy – gotta love those Italian men!

Link: Sante D’Orazio Official Site

Photographs: Diane Kruger & Sante D’Orazio, Kate Moss, Kate Winslet, Sante D’Orazio

All photographs ©Sante D’Orazio Photography


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