The King of Cool

There’s nothing more appealing, to me, than a true man’s man. You know the man who loves cars, motorcycles, firearms….yeah that guy. And if he’s got a swagger to go with it, oh man, I’m hooked. It’s for this predilection I’m sure, that I’ve always loved Steve McQueen. Most guys would back me up on this; he was the king of cool. He had that whole rugged handsome thing all sewn up but it seems as if he didn’t take himself too seriously, which makes him cooler still. I have a terrific book of photographs of him taken by the photographer, William Claxton (Taschen). Claxton, who became a friend to him, managed to get some really candid images and it’s a book I really enjoy looking through.

My favorite film of his is “The Getaway” ~ he and Ali McGraw sure burned up the screen and it’s such an exciting film. I have seen many of his films but some of my other favorites are “The Cincinnati Kid”, “The Hunter,” “The Great Escape” and I’ll throw in “Love with a proper stranger” as well.

I loved the scenes in “Kid” between him and Tuesday Weld. Tuesday always had that sweet, very feminine quality about her, which played great against his bad boy character. It’s sad that he died so young – we’re lucky we have so many great films to remember him by.

Pic #1: Steve McQueen by William Claxton ~ Taschen ©2004
Pic #2: Steve McQueen & Ali McGraw ~ “The Getaway” ©1972
Pic #3: Steve McQueen & Tuesday Weld ~ “The Cincinnati Kid” ©1965
Pic #4: Steve McQueen by William Claxton~ Taschen ©2004


3 thoughts on “The King of Cool

  1. He was so damn sexy, smoldering. I love the movie where he drives the silver mustang, being a mustang gal myself, of course, influences this. Sexy man in sexy car…

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