No B-Side

When it comes to CD’s I have a definite habit about how I go about listening to new ones. Initially I go through the entire disc, listening to a few seconds of each track, which always brings out an immediate two or three that I know I’m going to love. Then I devour those tracks until they’re tapped and then I add in one song at a time from then on. I’ve done this so long, not consciously – it’s just my nature I guess that I don’t want to rush a good thing. If there are say eleven tracks, I always factor in 3 tracks that probably won’t turn me on—so eight is in my mind a solid album. Although it’s subjective, every band has to decide what falls down on the A or B-side and go with it.

When I was in high school I listened to Aerosmith, “Rocks” on an eight track – perhaps the worst sound quality ever invented. They also warped in your car and got stuck in the machine and were friggin bulky. So recently I’ve been re-listening to them on disc, going about it the same way I do when they’re new. Currently I’m listening to Aerosmith’s, “Young Lust: Anthology” and the last few nights I haven’t wanted to move beyond the track, “Monkey on My Back”, from (Pump 1989) – which I have to emphatically say is no B-side. There were a lot of good tracks on that album it was probably difficult to choose. It’s amazing how these same songs sound now – technology rocks.

Pic: Steven Tyler & Joe Perry


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