Beauty in Motion

Richard Avedon 1967

The Detroit Institute of Arts is holding an exhibition of Richard Avedon’s (1923-2004) fashion photographs of over 200 images taken over 50 years. All the photographs; famous and lesser known prints (many are vintage prints) are from the Avedon estate. Avedon’s iconic work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and later in his life, The New Yorker. Avedon encouraged his models to dance before the camera – moving spontaneously rather than standing like mannequins. The exhibition is currently at the DIA and runs through January 17, 2010. You can get information here.

Pic: German model Veruschka in a dress by Kimberly, 1967. (Richard Avedon)


2 thoughts on “Beauty in Motion

  1. This looks to be a fascinating exhibit. I wish I could go. Love the classic modeling pictures, especially from the 60s. Veruschka was just gorgeous.


  2. Hey Jenn,

    My local library has the companion book, “Richard Avedon Photographs 1946-2004” published by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – maybe yours has it as well if you want to check the photographs out. It was an interesting time, the sixties for fashion photography.


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