Poetic Union


Creative collaborations within couples, everyone who reads this site on a regular basis, know they fascinate me. Another interesting couple that I’ve read numerous biographies about are Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. It must have been wonderful to write side-by-side in the days they shared before their split. Some days I have real attitude where Ted Hughes is concerned – not one that rises to the level of those who have continually hacked his name off of her grave marker but even so…. I believe Sylvia was much more gifted as a poet than her husband and I really feel that he believed that too. His betrayal of her wasn’t a superficial wound, but one that cut very deep and one that she was just not equipped to handle. Her work has always held some fascination for me and has inspired some poetry of my own about her, “Words” and “White Silence”. I think people wonder why she didn’t leave the UK, why stay there in that horrible winter with her two children alone. I believe she wanted to stay close to him on the outside chance they might reconcile and because of pride, not wanting to give up her ground. I say this because unfortunately I know a little bit about those things myself. It’s sad to think about the poems and novels she could have produced and the possibilities that could have been for her both in love and artistry had she lived longer.

Pic: Smith © Warren Plath
Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath in Paris in August 1956


5 thoughts on “Poetic Union

  1. I love Sylvia too. The Bell Jar my fav. I blame Ted–yes, I’m one of those people who would hack his name off. He seemed to have a knack for finding emotionally unstable women to control. His next “love” died the same way as Syl, only she took her child(and Ted’s I believe) with her. Tragic. I often wonder how he lived with himself.

    Nice post. Pic is great, never saw this one.

    Jenn (ps: e-mail question on the way)

  2. Okay, maybe you’re right Jenn….truth be told, I’d be right next to you chiseling ‘Hughes’ off that grave marker! You can tell from my poem ‘Words’ that I blame him too.


  3. Your post was in time for Sivvy’s birthday…so nice! Have a library book to share: Your Own, Sylvia ..a verse portrait of Sylvia Plath by Stephanie Hemphill. Found it in YA section. It’s pretty cool.
    Love, nano buddy, Jenn

  4. I can’t tell you how often this happens in my life — I just seem to know things – it seems like I’m tuned in somehow! I didn’t have any idea what day she was born. Not sure, does that fall under the category of synchronicity? Anyway, how cool.

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