Say it in 6


Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a story in six words, he came back with: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” – brilliant. If you’d like to try your hand at it, check out Smith Magazine’s site, where you can publish a six word memoir. May Hem go with you……


4 thoughts on “Say it in 6

  1. Love Hem, although Erica Jong once said that he is possibly the most overrated writer of our time. Part of me agrees…but I love The Snows of Kilimanjaro. Visited his place in Key West years ago…cats everywhere! Wonderful. I heard there has been a fire there since then. Wonder at the outcome of that. Anyway, nice post as always, and will check Smith mag…I think I’ve been there before but didn’t post.

    Love, Jenn

  2. Overrated?! Tempted to say something snide about Jong…. =) I think art is subjective but talent is not.

    Actually the one thing that I’ve long thought, is that no one is a genius in everything they create, whether a painter, writer, musician…it’s difficult to maintain brilliance in every work. I’ve always been fascinated by Harper Lee, she writes one genius book and that’s it, but although it’s only one–it doesn’t diminish the depth of the talent. I believe Hemingway wrote at least 4 of those genius level works.

    Love, Lis

  3. Adore is accurate for me too but don’t remember reading all of Snows… My top 4 are: Sun Also Rises, The Garden of Eden, A Movable Feast & The Old Man & the Sea. The six word thing is actually easier than it sounds when you just dive in. I posted one on Smith but haven’t had a chance to check out more on the website.

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