Joe Perry’s still getting it done…..

by Stephanie Alexander1

Aerosmith may be on hiatus but Joe Perry clearly isn’t, as he worked through all the Aero downtime to release his latest solo project, “Have guitar, will travel”. The CD was released on October 6th. and Joe and his solo band are beginning to roll out a tour – you can check out where they’ll be on Joe’s website here. Whether he’s rockin out with his boys in Aerosmith or the Project – he’s an amazing guitarist.

Pic: By Stephanie Alexander


2 thoughts on “Joe Perry’s still getting it done…..

  1. I’m not a huge Aerosmith fan, but love some of their songs…so here’s what may be a stupid question: Joe Perry performed with Katey Perry on an awards show recently…is she his daughter? (forgive me for not knowing, I know Liv Tyler is Stephen’s…so I’m not a complete Aero-loser…) Nice post too. He is a great guitarist.


  2. Jenn,

    Not a stupid question, but she’s not his daughter. I had to look her up and apparently Perry is her stage name. Joe has 3 sons (2 of them are in a band called, Tab the band). Laughing at your ‘not a complete Aero-loser’ comment, so cute.


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