Don & Betts kick it into drive…….

Drapers Vanity Fair

Ahh yes, the Mad Men of old finally got going last Sunday night and I was very happy indeed. As anyone who reads JUTS regularly knows, I’m a big fan of Mad Men and I was getting a little worried this season that they had fallen off into boring as often happens with even great series that start off with a bang. Last weeks lawn mower bloodbath started things back in the direction of original, which is why I love this show – I never see things coming. Sunday nights episode Don was having yet another affair in a hotel room out-of-town but refreshingly it was with his wife this time! They even had a little role playing thing going on and it was pretty cool. I’m still hoping that Roger and Joan find their way back around to each other, because the show needs another power couple and Pete and Trudy just don’t cut it. Here’s hoping the show stays on track now…..

Pic: Vanity Fair, Annie Liebovitz


One thought on “Don & Betts kick it into drive…….

  1. I love Joan!…I hope she finds her way back to the office. Nice post here, wonderful pic. Annie is the best.

    Love, Jenn

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