I had never seen the amazing artwork of David & Teresa Silverthorn until yesterday, when another blogger, Jenn posted their “Jennifer” artwork. I know, I know it’s not original but I couldn’t resist posting their “Lisa” on my blog. Their website is full of beautiful works and it can’t be a bad thing to post another link to it here: Earth Account.


8 thoughts on “Lisa

  1. Severny: I keep going back myself to look at them, they’re really unique.

    Beth: It looks like they have one with your name too – maybe you’ll be tempted to post it on your newly designed blog….(which looks good by the way). It’s nice to change things up.


  2. Great minds. Half way there, baby! The picture is already saved and I’ve been working on the written portion of the post between craziness of the kids! I like the new look too! Thanks.

  3. It’s a cool one too…I’ll keep a look out for your post. The way you’ve been goin’ today I bet it’ll be up tonite!


  4. Lis,
    “Lisa” is gorgeous too! Just love these mandala designs and glad you enjoy them. Love the earthy green in yours, very soulful. Mine is officially on my computer wallpaper now–Jacob Black had to go…for now anyway.

    Love, Jenn

  5. Jenn,

    I keep going back and checking out more, see you started a trek to the artists website! How did you find it? Also, how is your artwork going? I loved the last ones you posted.

    I have another post ready today but I think I might leave it up just for a little longer… So I’ll check in over at your site after Rescue tonite to see what you thought.

    Love, Lis

  6. Lis,
    I follow tags for art and the word mandala got my attention because I’ve colored some as a meditative experience…I just love the Silverthorn pieces. Very unique digital. My art work is going well. 2 more done…Have yet to post them in my daPortfolio (link on my blogroll).

    Cannot wait for Rescue tonight either…told the hubby, we’re getting the popcorn ready…a glass of wine would complete the tone…for some reason I want a drink when I watch that show (wonder why…) Enjoy the show…check with ya later.

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