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Top 5 Final

I know this type of thing is completely subjective but be that as it may, this is my Nick Hornsby (High Fidelity), top 5 desert island picks for music. Narrowing it down to 5 is amusing, not to mention quite difficult as we are all unbelievably spoiled for choice when it comes to music. So here’s my short list: Eric Clapton, “Unplugged”, Aerosmith “Honkin’ on Bobo”, Eagles “The Very Best of..”, Anita Baker “Rhythm of Love”, and Doobie Brothers “Best of..”.

Now for the reasons: the Clapton cd has bluesy versions of all the songs I love and I listen to this so much I’m glad it doesn’t wear out. As far as Aerosmith goes, I’m not by any means saying I don’t love their original music because I do, but this one stands out for me because it sounds like they had a great time making it and because I don’t believe they could have gotten any nearer to perfection on it…..every guy at his best – Joe’s guitar work on “Baby Please Don’t Go”….nirvana. The Eagles have been consistently in my top 2 since the seventies with good reason: amazing vocals/harmony, poetic lyrics and versatility musically. I love so many of theirs it’s lucky they’ve put out a best of, which pretty much covers everything great they did. Anita Baker has the most amazing voice and for me it just doesn’t get any better vocally than her (“Rhythm…” is easily my favorite cd of hers). Lastly, one of my favorite songs is the Doobie Brothers, “South City Midnight Lady”, and their best of, which includes it, is very good. The Isley Brothers Ultimate cd was vying for 5th but that one tune kept it out. So there you have my 5, with the top 4 being “non-negotiable” and the 5th choice having a slight bit of wiggle room. Thank God I don’t have to actually narrow it down for real.


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