The More Things Change……

Butterfield 8

From 1964-1965, author John O’Hara wrote a syndicated column for Newsday called, “My Turn”. These 55 pieces were subsequently compiled in a 1966 book of the same title. I found this book on the free table of all places at my library and is often the case, it turned out to be a find. Whomever said, “the more things change the more things stay the same,” really knew what they were talking about. Of the issues that concerned and confounded him, many are the same today. Of course reading this book in 2009, you are privy to outcomes that are at times amusing, like his annoyance of government interference of cigarette smoking and his concern about television coverage of court trials and sometimes quite sobering, as when he speaks of Martin Luther King, saying he has many active years ahead of him. One thing though constant remains, which is that the issues that forever concern us, those basic things remain the same. Even issues we feel are just germane to the current times; turns out actually, are not. People are people and want the same basic things and the human nature that drives how we get there really doesn’t change at all.

Pic: Laurence Harvey & Elizabeth Taylor in John O’Hara’s “BUtterfield8” 1960


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