The Sad Cafe

troubadour Ed Lu

“The Sad Café” by the Eagles, has been my favorite song for a very long time.  It is a song about feeling ambiguous about fame and the achievement of your dreams, in the face of long-suffering friends to whom fame remains elusive and dreams go unfulfilled.  The song is agonizingly beautiful; a haunting melody filled with poetic truths.

It also never fails to stir up some unrelated but ambiguous feelings of my own, for as much as I love the song, it’s tied to bittersweet memories, which like the song are impossible to forget.

Photograph of legendary Troubadour Club, Los Angeles by Ed Lu

“The Sad Café” written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh & J.D. Souther from  “The Long Run”


2 thoughts on “The Sad Cafe

  1. Love this song too. The Eagles have a special place in my heart. Pretty Maids All In a Row – Joe Walsh sings lead. Nice pic.
    Love, Jenn

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