Mr. Gavin’s gonna need vitamins….


As if Janet and Sheila weren’t enough for Tommy 2 handle, Denis has added Maura Tierney (Kelly)  into the mix – geez! Just how much action can one guy take anyway? Well, apparently a lot. I also liked the Tommy/Lou beat down this week – they supplied more fighting than Franco! Poor Lou, he knows he’s headed for trouble again. Well I’m still hoping Janet gets Tommy back and I know Jenn @ The Wit Continuum thinks Kelly might be interesting 4 him but either way of course we want him to be bad….it always makes things more interesting right? Rescue Me is on FX, Tuesdays @10.


6 thoughts on “Mr. Gavin’s gonna need vitamins….

  1. Lis,
    Loved the show this week too. I agree, poor Lou, where is his brain…oh, yea, probably in his pants. I think half of Tommy’s problems may come from the two crazy/psychotic women he’s been sleeping with…who wouldn’t want a drink…he’s no angel, of course, thank God! Thanks for the backstory info link, brings a lot of questions I had into focus (I am new to the show). And thanks for the link above, appreciate it.
    We’ll be enjoying Mad Men tonight…hope you enjoy as well.
    Peace, Jenn

  2. Oh, I fogot to tell you, (one of my many alzheimer moments) I love you poetry on Word for Word. Been reading it this week. Really great…
    Love, Jenn

  3. And……I just found your new link to The Life Poetic on wordpress. OK…I think I’m done now…I swear I’m not crazy.
    Love again, Jenn

  4. Hey Jenn,

    Am laughing at the Lou comment 🙂 I think you’re right, Tommy seems 2 like those psycho chicks but I think we can throw Kelly in there too! (I liked her on Newsradio). I think Tommy living w/his daughter will be full of drama. You’re welcome for the backstory link, I started watching at Season 3 I think and needed that too.

    Thank you for checking out my poetry sites, I appreciate your kind comments. I’m going 2 start writing more poetry for the new site soon.

    What did you think of Mad Men tonite? I just posted this on Twitter – “Don Draper is back 2 his old tricks, no pun intended” 🙂

    Love, Lis

  5. Hey Lis,
    Yea, caught Mad Men last night (mr. Continuum had a slight anurism when the love scene with the two men happened–what can I say? Two women do not bother him, however…) In any case, it was pretty good. Why Don can’t just keep it in his pants, just once, please, just once…all I ask…I was so hoping he’d do the right thing. As a woman, I wonder why we like this guy so much…certainly wouldn’t want to be married to him… but the intrigue of character development is what fascinates me I guess. What is secret history? Will we ever know?
    Love, Jenn
    ps: Love this ChaoticSoul theme. Had it for a while on mine, then went back to the original.

  6. Hey Jenn,

    I think Mr. C was right about Sal and the bellboy – didn’t dig it but I liked the ep. I love how Don kept Sal’s secret though.Awww poor Petey, always a bridesmaid, never a bride. When you say secret history do you mean Don? They’ve already revealed that in past eps. I wish he’d come clean about who he really is to Betty, maybe they would be closer then don’t ya think? You’re right, they could have let him resist just one female!
    Love, Lis

    p.s. Is Joan getting bigger??

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