Strange Dance


Watched the film, “Interview” last night – the American version of Theo Van Gogh’s film of the same title. Admittedly, I like offbeat films and I knew this one would qualify but wasn’t really convinced it would hold my attention like it did. It’s a character driven piece, which really only features two people; a starlet named Katya (Sienna Miller) and a journalist named Pierre (Steve Buscemi). Pierre is thoroughly pissed when he’s given the assignment to interview Katya, who is in his eyes a self absorbed, spoiled actress – in other words, someone completely unworthy of his time and talent. After their initial dislike of one another, they spend an evening on a ramped up trip into quick intimacies, revealing to each other deeply held secrets. The film was more than a poke @ media in our age, with a clever ending. It’s very sad that Theo was not allowed to live out his dream of filming it himself in the U.S. but Buscemi, with the help of Theo’s colleagues from the Netherlands, did a nice job with it.

Pic: Steve Buscemi & Sienna Miller


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