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So I’m reading, “The Journals of John Fowles” amongst other books, which of course is my habit. The nice thing about journals though, is that you can read a few entries, lay it down and go back to it with ease with nothing much lost. In his first volume, he talks about Oxford, his time teaching on the Greek Island of Spetsai and his love affair there with Elizabeth, the married woman who would later become his first wife and his struggle to achieve literary success. If you like John’s work, you will love the journals. He wrote about time spent with the woman he only refers to as “E” probably because she didn’t like him writing about her:

“Our life was Bohemian in the extreme; we had no clock, lived by desires; slept, ate, made love when we wanted. Took no exercise, went to parks, cinemas, read papers, argued, kissed, wrote letters. Neither E nor I have any time-sense, any morality about routines and conventions. On the whole for me a very happy time; a complex happiness; sex of course; she never tires me that way, never ceases, by simply being present, to seduce me; companionship being totally absorbed and absorbing somebody else…”

Pic: John Fowles & Wife by Terence Spencer/Life Magazine 1970
Quote from “The Journals of John Fowles, Volume One” – Alfred A. Knopf 2005


3 thoughts on “John Fowles Journals

  1. I’m afraid I tend to read many books at once and I usually get around halfway through and start another one and then go back. Translation, I am still in the first volume. I have Volume 2 as well, but haven’t started it yet. I think he tends to be a bit gloomy at first but that may have been due to circumstance. I am enjoying the journals though very much.

    Thanks for stopping by – I’ll be over to read your post as well.


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