Lost in L.A.

sophia 1

Variety is reporting that Sophia Coppola is currently at work on her fourth film, “Somewhere” in Los Angeles. If I could pick any film that I wish I had written, it would have been, “Lost in Translation”. Visually, stylistically I thought it was stunning coupled with a story that was told with a restraint and economy of words that I greatly admired. It is in fact, the only film that I paid to see 3 times and was wishing that they sold the film on DVD in the lobby after watching it in the theatre, which by the way, I think would be very cool. Sophia’s new story is about a bad boy actor from L.A. who is forced to reexamine his life when his 11-year-old daughter shows up unexpectedly. This time around she’s traded the Tokyo Park Hyatt for L.A.’s infamous Chateau Marmont. It might be tough to surpass “LIT” but it really doesn’t have to, it just has to have Sophia’s handprint on it, which from my view is quite enough.


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