Anthony Minghella Tribute


Has it really been a year since the world lost Anthony Minghella? Seems inconceivable. Maybe when death strikes suddenly and we lose someone so young, the news never seems to sink into our spirits as final. I don’t think you necessarily needed to know him personally to have a rich sense of who he was and it’s difficult not to be immensely sad over all the creative works he could have added to a weary world. Anthony was a rarity, a poet, dramatist and visionary writer-director, who could adapt novels for the screen and still manage to make them very much his own. His own depth and song was written and sung over “Cold Mountain” – indwelling it with his beauty and heart. I heard him speak in interviews and his sincerity and shining hope for humanity came streaming through his words. He seemed to have more faith in the actors who would tell his stories perhaps than even they did and brought out amazing performances from them all, particularly from Jude Law. He must have been a stabilizing force for them and nothing brings out our best abilities better than someone who believes in us. He said that he often used music to work and I understand that, as I don’t think I have written even one poem without music myself. I often turn to the same man he did to get me there, which is Gabriel Yared, whose music can make you cry it’s so beautiful.

This weekend, his family and friends will honor his life and work in the Isle of Wight, where he grew up with a film festival and tribute. I think these words from Jude Law (linked below) about his friend say it all…….


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