Bridging the Gap

bridge project

So here’s the idea; merging American and British sensibilities as it applies to the theatre, with each culture bringing their unique talents and approaches. Sam Mendes, Kevin Spacey and Joseph Melillo, Executive Producer of the Brooklyn Academy of Music came up with the idea, calling it the ‘The Bridge Project’, made up of a company of American, British and Irish actors. Sam Mendes said, “The Bridge Project was born out of a simple desire: a wish for artists, collaborators, and audiences on both sides of the Atlantic to experience one another’s work, talent, and artistry in the theatre”. The project will run for at least three seasons, staging two plays in repertory first in Brooklyn at BAM, then in London at the Old Vic, then moving outward. It debuted in Brooklyn recently with “The Cherry Orchard” translated by Tom Stoppard. Sounds like a good start to me. It will be interesting to see if the actors, as well as theatergoers enjoy the experience.


One thought on “Bridging the Gap

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