Creative Collaborations


Over the years, there have been many remarkable artistic and romantic collaborations between men and women, and I’ve always been intrigued by them. The romantic side of me likes the idea of the union of art and marriage. I’m guessing it is great, so long as you can work side-by-side and not let jealousy or close proximity drive you over the proverbial edge.

In some famous collaboration the balance of talent is uneven, with one half clearly more talented than the other; but sometimes their talent is quite level, as was the case with Charles Rennie Mackintosh & Margaret McDonald-Mackintosh.

This husband and wife stood side by side in the artistic world they created. The integration of his architectural design and her beautiful artwork combined seamlessly to create homes and buildings that were complete works of art. Although their careers were relatively short, they exerted considerable influence in both the Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts Movements.

You’ve really got to love a guy who can design something like this….

and also say: “My wife is my ‘spirit key – my other half. She is more than half – she is three quarters – of all that I’ve done. We chose each other and gave to the other what the other lacked. Her hand was always in mine. If I had the heart, she had the head. Oh, I had talent but she had genius. We made a pair.”

(quote from ‘The Quest for Charles Rennie Mackintosh’ by John Cairney)


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