Punching holes in my romantic cynicism….

sonnets don

Okay, so my outlook on love tends toward the gloomy side of things (don’t let my recent poems fool you) – maybe it’s because I’m Irish but then again, maybe I’m not giving my ex-husband enough credit. But last month, my favorite library’s book sale, of all things, attempted to knock a chink in my heavily fortified armor. I came across a copy of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “Sonnets of the Portuguese”. It was one of those cool old hardcover ones in a box sleeve. So I opened up the book and on the inside was an inscription that read, “Sharon – I hope the love and beauty within these pages will reveal a tiny bit of what is in my heart because of you. Don (October 6, 1962)”

And if that wasn’t romantic enough – Sharon had tucked a picture of him dated August 1962…into a page which started with the following lines from Barrett, “A heavy heart, Beloved, have I borne/from year to year/until I saw thy face”.

Now that’s romantic.


One thought on “Punching holes in my romantic cynicism….

  1. You found a treasure! I love old books … especially those with inscriptions. I have a copy of Sonnets from the Portugese, but is not nearly so interesting as yours.

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