Big Sur & Henry

When I heard about the fires in California, I was particularly troubled at the prospect of losing the grandeur of Big Sur, which I believe truly shows off God’s talent for creating unforgettable beauty. Once your eyes take it in, you will never be the same – it stays with you. You can’t help but be moved by its splendor – it’s breathtaking.

I also worried about the Henry Miller Library and the author’s former home on Partington Ridge, having for years appreciated Henry Miller’s writing. I checked the website for updates, well……a lot actually, and am most happy to say a big “thank you” to the brave fireman who risked their lives to save this beautiful land, as well as, preserving these two historic properties. As a result of the evacuation though, the library has unfortunately suffered some monetary loss. There are two benefit shows being held and the library would also be grateful for any donations, which can be mailed to: Henry Miller Library, Hwy 1, Big Sur, CA 93920. If you can, please consider supporting the library.

Link: Henry Miller Library


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