Book Cadillac Taking Shape


The renovation of the Book Cadillac Hotel is nearing completion and from the looks of it, it’s nothing short of amazing (actually that’s too weak a word) and a real tribute to the tradesmen who rebuilt her. Although the work is still in progress, many of the rooms have already been sold. The top floor holds six penthouses and most other floors will hold 12 condos. I can only imagine the views from those rooms. To give you an appreciation of the work that was done by the trades and artists, behold the before and after photos.


Book Caddy 003

I’m elated that someone has restored something in Detroit, instead of tearing it down. The hotel will open in October 2008 and I hope it both prospers and inspires others to invest in Detroit as well.


2 thoughts on “Book Cadillac Taking Shape

  1. Hi Lisa,

    I finally came to see your post on the restoration of buildings in Detroit. I agree with you that it is great to see the rebuilding of the city in small ways. I imagine that as more and more people are shooting films there that they will restore more hotels in the downtown area to house them. Hopefully this adds a little more business for everyone and life to these exquisite old buildings

    Thanks for visiting along the way.

  2. I watched from a distance (ok, not really from a distance – Lafayette isn’t that far) for years and was thrilled when they started working on it. The first time I was back and got a chance to go in, I actually got choked up.

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