Sophie’s Voice

Photo: Telegraph UK/Mary McCartney

I have to say I’m curious if Sophie has inherited her grandfather’s writing talent, so her new book, “Playing with the Grownups” is going in the que. It sounds like more truth than fiction but that’s okay – after all, more than a few authors have done the same. Here’s what Vogue Magazine had to say….

“Captivating…Playing with the Grown-ups is rooted in biographical seeds but grown over by lush imaginative sentences that wear their seriousness lightly, in the manner of Nancy Mitford and Esther Freud…. Dahl’s profound empathy resonates most poignantly in Kitty’s relationship with her enchanting yet troubled young mother, Marina. With a fairy-wand touch, Dahl rouses some of the ogres–unspoken rivalries, boundary-crossing confidences–that lie between many mothers and daughters who are both emotionally close and close in age.”–Vogue


2 thoughts on “Sophie’s Voice

  1. Hey I was just browsing around your blog. Good stuff. Love the Royal Tennenbaums picture.Take care,MikeWhy It’s Lame

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