The Lovely Theresa

In July 2007, the art world lost two creative talents. Theresa Duncan, 40, born in Lapeer, had realized success as a creator of computer games geared toward girls, as well as a filmmaker. Her boyfriend of 12 years, Jeremy Blake, 35, had achieved his success as an innovative artist who mixed abstract paintings with digital film. The couple, who were by all accounts still deeply in love, left their friends and loved ones with more questions than answers when they died. The couple believed they were being harassed by Scientologists and although some felt they were merely being paranoid, the internet has since come alive with theories that are even more far reaching. Theresa took her life on July 10th and a week later, on July 17th, apparently unable to go on living in a world without her, Jeremy walked into the Atlantic ocean, leaving a note on shore that read, “I am going to join the lovely Theresa.”

Link: Vanity Fair


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